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+ Samsung SDS Nexshop to provide digital innovation in customer experience at automotive dealerships’ showrooms
+ Samsung SDS and HARMAN to engage in co-marketing focused on automotive industry in the HARMAN’s showcase at CES 2018

Samsung SDS announced plans to jointly market the retail solution, Nexshop with HARMAN in the automotive industry.

Nexshop solution supports unique marketing activities by automatically delivering marketing contents, presenting dynamic digital experience by using LFD(Large Format Display)s and VR(Virtual Reality) devices.

It also provides personalized contents and marketing promotions to customers through behavior sensing technology based on display touch records, video feeds, and NFC(Near Field Communication).

Nexshop solution is already deployed in more than 350 dealerships worldwide.

Samsung SDS is engaging in co-marketing in HARMAN’s showcase at CES 2018. Samsung SDS and HARMAN will combine Nexshop with the HARMAN Ignite automotive cloud platform.

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Samsung SDS introduces retail solution Nexshop to co-marketing with HARMAN at HARMAN Showcase (CES 2018, 1/8 ~ 11, HardRock Hotel)

“In automotive in particular, we see a tremendous opportunity to leverage digital innovations to elevate the user experience and the relationship between the driver, the car and, importantly, the carmaker, which includes its dealers,” said Sandip Ranjhan, Senior Vice President, HARMAN Connected Services. “With the Nexshop solution, automotive dealerships can create meaningful and dynamic interactions with their customers in the showroom, enhancing service, creating new revenue streams and building even stronger brand and customer satisfaction.”

“Samsung SDS will actively collaborate with HARMAN to generate synergy in the global market,” Senior Vice President Im Sean, Solution Business Division, said.

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